Looking for top end Leadership Development Courses? Christalyze uses advanced leverage principles for lasting strategic impact.


Christalyze offers Enhanced Leadership Development Programs to build and leverage leadership capacity for ongoing collaboration, inclusion and engagement; coaching & a learning culture.

Africa sits on a goldmine of untapped, unpolished and unleveraged leadership potential that could change the trajectory of the continent with the help of dedicated, experienced professionals like Christalyze.

Unlike many courses available, our programs place special focus on behavioral change, which ensures actual implementation and a lasting impact on the organisation.

Below follows just some of our standard Leadership Development Programs (we can create a bespoke program tailored to your organisation's needs):

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Client need/problem statement:

  • Leader displays autocratic, command-based behavior.
  • Subordinates feel undervalued and that they are treated like numbers.
  • Talent feels limited and stifled, not reaching potential.
  • No growth and development of potential.
  • Controlling leadership creates bottlenecks & leadership dependencies.
  • Silo behavior impacts negatively on cooperation.
  • Internal competition overrides external customer focus.
  • People feel demoralized and apathetic.
  • Gender, age and race issues seem to be suppressed.

Service offering:

  • Time investment varies between 16 and 20 hours and is packaged to suit client requirements.
  • This leadership development process can be facilitated online and/or face-to-face.
  • The process is practical with the focus on applied skill and competencies.
  • The program is slide-light and interactive with reduced focus on theories.
  • Direct (primary) benefits focus on leadership skill per se, as well as indirect (secondary) benefits of the bridges built between delegates as a result of the process and how it is facilitated.


  • Actual capacity (skill and competence) to be more collaborative, inclusive and engaging.
  • Enhanced EQ.
  • Mental model change as to why a more inclusive style of leadership is needed and inevitable.
  • Bond and camaraderie between leadership delegates.
  • Improved relationships and goodwill across silos.
  • Long standing issues are resolved between parties across the value chain.
  • Strong leadership support structure created.
  • New cornerstone for culture change.
  • Subordinates feel empowered.
  • Sense of inclusion, appreciation and belonging.
  • Actionable interaction and engagement plans: the ability to be, do and create.
  • A positive and constructive mindset.
  • Improved morale.
  • Definite increase in engagement scores.
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Client need/problem statement:

  • Organisation is embarking on major growth & needs an evolving leadership culture.
  • Next-level succession readiness is required by the organisation.
  • Culture lacks inclusion, critical thinking, cohesion or an empowerment culture.
  • Key projects and initiatives have 'hit a wall' of discontent.

Service offering:

  • The journey typically consists of 3x 2-day workshops, built on the organisation's internal leadership competency framework.
  • Workshops are usually delivered face-to-face, though some electronic delivery workshops can be accommodated.
  • Attendees to this flagship ELD Leadership Development Program usually need to be nominated mindfully.
  • The program rests heavily on the application of Integral Thinking, with the purpose of preparing and equipping Future Ready Leaders.
  • The program is embedded in the here and now: working with real-life work challenges.
  • Application forms the cornerstone of the process to ensure integration of knowledge and embedding of new mindsets and associated behaviour.
  • Participants learn how to look at existing challenges with a refreshed mindset in an experiential context.


  • Functioning on the correct level of work – no compression.
  • Future ready leaders, taking into consideration what will be required from leaders.
  • Empowered workforce.
  • Soft skills enhancement.
  • Holding self and others accountable.
  • Ability to determine root causes and underlying structures of complex issues.
  • Appreciation of inter-dependencies and unintended consequences.
  • Self-mastery and increased awareness.
  • PLUS the outcomes listed in the shorter program to the left.

NOTE: - this is our flagship journey that essentially covers all 3 pillars we excel at, combining Change Management, Leadership Development and Strategic Intervention in a seamless manner that leverages existing potential in a recurring, future benefit.

It also covers development of the individual, the team and the organisation all at once.

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Client need/problem statement:

  • Skills transfer happens by default and not design.
  • Organisation experiences a challenge to attract and retain talent.
  • Valuable skills and experience are lost when people leave or retire.
  • Generation gap causes frustration.
  • Opportunities for growth and development is on the back burner.

Service offering:

  • Duration is subject to scoping and agreed with the client.
  • Program includes an end-to-end define, design, develop and delivery of a coaching and/or mentoring program – or any part thereof as per client's needs.
  • We manage this process as a holistic, structured change intervention.
  • Upskilling both the mentor/mentee, coach/coachee - inherent in the process.
  • The context helps determine the success of the outcome.


  • Skills and knowledge are transferred across generations.
  • Valuable skills and experience are harnessed.
  • Younger people feel valued and recognized.
  • Experienced people have meaning by transferring skill and leaving a legacy.
  • Leadership capacity is built at all levels.
  • Continuous learning as part of the fiber of the organization.
  • Better succession planning success.
  • More focus on career advancement.
  • Unleashing potential.
  • Attracting and retaining valuable talent.
  • Structured process that can be duplicated internally in the future.
  • Progress and benefits are tracked & monitored.
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Client need/problem statement:

  • Lack of in-house capacity to provide an internal coaching service.
  • HR not sufficiently capacitated for role of internal coach.
  • Employees don't understand the value of coaching.
  • Coaching mindset is not an entrenched way of doing, nor part of a leadership and learning culture.
  • Continuous learning needs deliberate momentum.
  • Grooming and growing of talent needs focused intention.
  • Turnover and retention of talent is a challenge for the organisation.

Service offering:

  • The process consists of 16 hours of initial skills and capacity building.
  • This is followed by another 16 hours of skills practice and finally internal coaches are 'accredited in-house' by means of a skills demonstration.
  • This service is available online or in person.
  • The process can be broken up in modules and crafted in any combination to fit client's specific needs.


  • Strong, established core of internal coaches.
  • Continuous learning and development part of entrenched culture.
  • New lease on life in terms of personal growth and career advancement.
  • Adding coaching as part and parcel of ANY learning intervention improves the chances of successful application by 80%.
Quote ReviewThe 'Enhanced Leadership Development Program (ELD)' with Christa took us on this incredible journey of growth and development. You gain self-awareness via its focus on 'ME' as an integral part of any team or workplace, indeed, any relationship. I will cherish the ground-breaking, personal moments we were guided to encounter. It was a process of finding yourself, tapping into your surroundings and ensuring your fragrance lingers everywhere. The expansion of leadership capacity was well-structured so as to create future-ready leaders who will be entrusted to deliver on Sibanye-Stillwater's goals of positioning itself as a global organisation."

- Shakira Mumtaz, Finance Manager, SA PGM Concentrators


As a starting point, we always leverage any existing surveys/assessments or information that are available within an organization.

The option exists to also do a before and after leadership assessment and / or engagement/climate survey. This quantifies progress and impact of the intervention.

No guessing whether the intervention was of value!


Leadership Development Programs can change the course of history (especially so in Africa with vastly untapped human potential).

These programs help people make critical and meaningful decisions, solve complex, long-standing issues that previously impeded their progress and performance, and create new possibilities. This brings people together, creating immense meaning and significance.

As always, the programs are structured to create a leverage effect, i.e. to continue to empower positive change long after the actual intervention.

Let Christalyze help you mine for the gold hidden within your organisation!