Learn about Industrial Psychologist Christa Christalyze: Change Management & Organisational Development Solutions for the high end market.


To learn about Christalyze is really to learn about Industrial Psychologist Christa Swart who has brought clarity from chaos in some of South Africa's top organisations for almost 3 decades via her own OD & Change Management Consultancy.

Christa is an idea artist melding "soft" skills like intuition, bridge-building and perspective-shifting with "hard" skills and experience: a specialist pedigree in the areas of change management, building leadership capacity, strategic systems thinking and organisational development. Having worked extensively in the roles of Development Economist, Money Market Funder and Organisational Development Specialist, Christa offers strong industry insights and specialises in diagnosing, designing, developing and delivering customised, focused interventions.

Christalyze is a niche service provider with a strong personal touch and a proven track record with over 30 prominent companies. It combines rich talent and diverse experience to co-create bespoke human capital solutions goverened by a motto of discretion, focus, bespoke and dedicated attention.

We honor and respect the wisdom in our client systems. We function on an associate model which means we put together the right team of hand-picked professionals, at the right time, for the right purpose. We leave teams enabled and with the capability to immediately implement!



Highly Qualified Industrial Psychologist Christa Swart.


Christa Swart is highly qualified across the fields of Humanities and Economics:

  • Master Coach - USB Ed, icoach Academy (2005)
  • MCom Industrial Psychology, RAU (1992)
  • BCom (Hons) Industrial Psychology, RAU (1988)
  • BCom (Hons) Economics, RAU (1987)
  • BCom Industrial Psychology, RAU (1986)


Constantly evolving, here are some recent additions to skills and toolset:

  • Narrative Process Facilitator
  • BarOn EQ (JvR)
  • The Leadership Circle (TLC) Practitioner
  • Enneagram Practitioner
  • Systems Thinking by Innovation Ass, Inc. an Arthur D. Little company / Michael Goodman & Peter Stroh
  • Co-author of #1 Amazon Bestseller:


Christa Swart co-authored #1 Amazon Bestselling Book: My Mess is My Message

Christa contributed to the Amazon #1 Best-seller, "My Mess is My Message".

Christa is also available as a speaker with a difference. Beyond motivational speaking, she educates and creates an interactive experience for her audience. Whatever you need for townhall events, women's mornings, break-aways needing a change of pace etc., she can weave most themes into an energising, inclusive session.

Quote ReviewChrista Swart was my executive coach and also worked with my General Management team. Christa has a unique ability to never make you feel judged. Her openness, total acceptance of human nature, love of diversity and insights - conveyed so gently - allowed us to really bond as a team. Her acceptance and celebration of my own weaknesses and strengths enabled me to play to the best of myself. I was privileged to have had Christa on my side."

- Caroline da Silva, INE Board Member, Santam; Retired Deputy Executive Officer Regulatory Policy at FSCA

Highly Qualified Industrial Psychologists working together.

Christa was part of the team that hosted the Nexus Africa Conference, working with international experts in their fields e.g. David Issacs (co-creator of World Café), Peggy Holman (Master Creator of Open Space Technology) & Diana Whitney (Appreciative Inquiry).


We showcase just some of the firms we've worked with per illustration; to find out about our work in your industry, please connect!

  • Sibanye Stillwater - Leadership Capacity Building Program with 150 leaders, Wellness Campaign and a diagnostic and recommendation process post-grievance to create unity.
  • Standard Bank Insurance - Leadership Coaching, strategy translation, Leadership Capacity Building Program (engagement scores were improved from negative to positive); Mediation to restore unity.
  • Sasol - Extensive Train-the-Trainer work to build change leadership capacity as well as developing a coaching style of leadership. Partner in the internal leadership development program MODP. Culture change and transformation in Enterprise Team. Diversity and inclusion strategy workshops. Change Management on project, conflict resolution.
  • PPC - Leadership coaching, career development, conflict resolution.
  • De Beers - EQ and personal mastery workshops, leadership coaching, diagnosis and fact-finding at mine to determine appropriate intervention.
  • Polyoak - Executive, senior and middle management leadership and business coaching.
  • Wesbank - OD, Change Management & Change Leader capacity building for a change in operating model, special focus on digitisation and streamlining the operating processes and procedures.
  • Vodacom - designed and co-facilitated change leader and people change enablement workshops.
  • Multichoice Africa - OD & Change Management on translating and implementing revised Customer Experience Philosophy throughout 9 African countries. Leadership coaching, conflict mediation, strategy clarification and repair of a relationship between manager and team.
  • Sassa - Subcontracted by Microsoft to do change management on BIS.
  • Post office - Whole systems change: 300 people in a venue over 3 days to shift a system. Also executive leadership coaching, team conflict resolution, relationship repair.
  • Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) - Co-facilitated a Trustee Board Strategy alignment, translation and implementation workshop.
  • Wipro - Leadership and staff alignment, diversity, inclusion and expectations facilitation. Assisted with leadership and communication style.
  • USB-ED - lecturer on bespoke executive leadership development programs within various organisations. Focus on developing coaching skills for leaders to be more inclusive and empowering.
  • Esor Franki - leadership coaching, closing the gap between management and staff, assisting with communication style.
  • BCX - team alignment and cohesiveness, change leader capacity building for HR, conflict resolution, unity building and improving morale.
  • Exxoro - collaboration across the value chain, integration for better service delivery, creating a high performing team.
  • Stanlib - intervention to transmute mistrust and misalignment between management and staff, including role clarification. HR strategy translated from business strategy to enable business performance, building change leader capacity for leadership.
  • TCTA - executive coaching, team conflict resolution, transmuted mistrust and non-alignment, reviewed structure, roles, responsibilities and deliverables.
  • Alexander Forbes - Resolved conflict and mis-alignment in contract with a non-delivering 3rd party.
  • National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFI): Change Management on a change in operating model. Equipped leadership with change leader skills, managing resistance and built morale.