Looking for top end Change Management Consultancies? Christalyze has the track record.


Christalyze offers a variety of leveraged interventions and programs around building internal change leader capacity; project change management; train-the-trainer for change capacity and change fitness; and PMO / HR change management capacity.

Change leader competence is now regarded as a key leadership competence and forms part of most future-ready leadership competency frameworks. No matter the leadership development challenges your organisation face, we can create a bespoke program to suit your needs.

Below follows just some of our standard change management programmes:

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Client need/problem statement:

  • The organisation battles to implement projects timeously and sustainably. Perhaps due to: internal politics and competition, lack of proper and clear business case, non-alignment, no desired end goal, lack of buy-in, poor stakeholders' engagement, lack of skill and knowledge on how to lead people through change.
  • Leaders do not know how to own, or take up, their role as leaders of change.
  • Leaders need practical skill. The ability to understand change and be able to lead people through it is a skill and competence that must be deliberately build. Leaders often receive theoretical frameworks on academic courses, yet walk away not knowing how to apply this when they are faced with resistance.

Service offering:

  • 24 hour development process to build change capacity.
  • These can be packaged in any combination of online and face-to-face, as well as module breakdown and time frames to fit the client context.
  • This process equips leaders with the knowledge, skill and competence to practically manage resistance and obtain buy-in to ensure sustainable implementation.


  • Knowledge, understanding and skill to take up their role as a leader of change.
  • Competence on how to engage and communicate during change.
  • Transferrable skills to be applied practically to any change initiative or project in the future.
  • Practical tools and techniques to manage resistance, foster collaboration and ensures inclusion.
  • Actionable change plan for a particular project.
  • Actionable stakeholder engagement plan to ensure buy-in and movement on a project of choice.
  • Significant improvement in implementing projects within budget, within the desired time frame, while growing people through change.
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Client need/problem statement:

  • A significant and/or complex project/initiative that requires experienced people change expertise. For example: M&A, change in operating model, culture change and transformation, strategy translation, improving customer service, improving sales, saving costs, excessive growth and expansion.
  • Insufficient time, resource or capacity to mobilise and drive the people side of change in an integrated way.
  • Lack of an established change management framework.
  • PMO/business change enablement and change enablement methodologies are not integrated or complimentary; change management is not in integral aspect of project management

Service offering:

  • End-to-end service offering that manages people change enablement during complex change projects.
  • Prepare for the change, plan the change and implement the change.
  • Runs the people side of change, managing resistance, managing the entire people workstream i.e. HR, Communication, Marketing, ER, L&D, OD.


  • Integrated people change and stakeholder plans.
  • Working efficiently by leveraging each person's workstream.
  • Not bombarding recipients with change messages and initiatives.
  • More clarity, less confusion.
  • Alignment between various role players in the change space.
  • Momentum is created and sustained to implement.
  • Stakeholders are engaged and resistance is managed.
  • Skills transfer happens in-house as change capacity is built.
  • Collaboration, inclusion and engagement is being lived – not just words on paper.
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Client need/problem statement:

  • PMO excellent at project management yet fall short on the people side.
  • HR not sufficiently equipped and capacitated to fulfill change management role.
  • No established change framework and methodology in organisation.
  • Organisation might have pockets of excellence but still lacks change maturity.
  • Conflict, misunderstanding, competition, power struggles between PMO and change management.
  • Change handled as an afterthought, only brought in when implementation starts.
  • Misheld belief that change management is not needed or doesn't work because there will be no emotional response to change.

Service offering:

  • 16h of skills transfer and capacity building.
  • Focus is on application and building process skill and knowledge that can be duplicated and applied to any future project/initiative.
  • Delegates learn how to lead individual, team & organisation through change.


  • PMO and change management office are aligned.
  • Integrated project and change approach.
  • Improved collaboration between various stakeholders.
  • Skills transfer from project to change, and from change to projects.
  • Improved performance on project delivery
  • Change is being done with people and not to people.
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Client need/problem statement:

  • Not proficient in managing change.
  • People change not an integral part of the project culture.
  • Goal is to build change fitness and change resilience as part of the DNA of the culture.
  • External courses may be very costly and potentially time consuming.
  • Off-the-shelf courses are often overkill and not fit for purpose.

Service offering:

  • An end-to-end process of 48h to become accredited as a facilitator.
  • Identify and train core group of facilitators that can act as internal TTT.
  • Gain change leader capacity, change understanding and maturity, resilience and robustness in dealing with change on a daily basis.
  • Options of in-person and online, as well as module breakdown and time allocation to be customized as per the client requirements.


  • Change leadership capacity is being built deliberately.
  • Leaders are equipped to lead their people through change on a practical, actionable level.
  • In-house facilitators are cost effective and more accessible.
  • In-house facilitators understand the landscape and context best – fit for purpose capacity building.
  • Change leadership methodology and framework becomes embedded into the fiber of the organization.
  • Organisation becomes more resilient and robust in their leading and managing of change.
Quote ReviewChrista created a safe space for growth; I enhanced my self-awareness, with huge improvement in influencing my team to perform well. I also embrace diversity more optimally. My interaction and engagement moved to the next level where my team, colleagues and stakeholders are concerned. I am collaborating across Safety and Production with great benefit to the organisation as we problem solve together. I focus on creating an enabling environment. The program energised me with new practical ideas and I have already made key notes to implement value-adding changes that will 100% benefit the organisation and stakeholders. It was one of the best courses I have attended."

- Seabelo Ratau, Acting Vice President Concentrator Plants, PT (SA region)


Apart from the programmes show-cased above, we are able to assist with problem definition and programme creation to suit your organisation's particular change management needs.

Actual implementation is part of our offering, whether we remain part of the team during implementation, or simply offer post-programme support on the clear implementation plans we co-crafted with leaders during the programme.

Clarity about practical next steps is key for us.


Change has become and ever-faster spiral of chaos, and organisations battle to stay abreast when they lack an internal culture of change fitness.

A key difference is that we don't just offer leadership development; we offer a leveraged leadership transfer model that continues to grow leaders long after the programme or intervention has ended.

Sustained leverage!