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Enable your human resources, build leadership and resilience and see the impact on your bottom line!

Tel: 082 459 5994

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Quote ReviewChrista Swart exceeded my greatest expectations. From the self-discovery journey as a leader, to the concepts she taught to achieve a sustained high performance team, it was a journey I implore every leader of any company to attend. The results were instantaneous, the team cemented a culture of trust and support with newly aligned focus towards the strategic objective we share. The personal growth I had seen in each of my team members, is priceless."

- Talana Jansen van Vuuren, Superintendent HR, Sibanye Stillwater


Christalyze works at client's premises or remotely.

The office address is used for administrative purposes only:

11 Gambia Road,
Emmarentia, 2195,
South Africa

Christa has worked all over Africa, with most projects completed within Southern Africa.

With remote work becoming the norm, though, Christalyze has done a lot of work with individual and teams remotely, throughout the pandemic. This means Christalyze is effectively available to work for clients anywhere!